Let's talk about components, performance, architecture, standards, animation, SVG, modularization, versioning, distribution, testing, preprocessors, layouts, effects, methodologies, media queries, fonts,

In these in-depth talks you'll learn from an amazing line-up of CSS wizards. All talks are deeply technical and will give you unique insights into topics like UI componentization, animations, complex layouts, SVG, preprocessors and much more.

The meetup is a great oportunity to meet new people and talk to the greatest front-end developers in Barcelona. And of course, networking is always better with free beer and pizza!

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Alejandro Carbajo

✌️ Featured Talk

Shared Language:
Avoiding CSS conflicts across projects

Alejandro Carbajo

Maintaining CSS in a company with several projects, teams, backgrounds and purposes is hard. In this talk Alex will share strategies to encourage a shared language within UX/UI teams and front-end and back-end developers using visual patterns and a solid CSS Architecture.

Daniel Guillan & Miguel Jiménez Esún

✌️ Featured Talk

Dynamic vector image generation with Sass

Daniel Guillan & Miguel Jiménez Esún

Miguel and Dani from New Relic will walk us through the process of building dynamic background images in Sass. In this case study they will share an in-depth overview of their work on a real-life project. From the reasoning behind the approach taken and the crafting of the adaptative and animated vector image to the creation of a Sass toolkit for generating inline SVG backgrounds.

The CodePen Challenge

Bring your laptop and help us solve a quick, fun and challenging CSS code exercise! We will share and discuss the best solutions. Oh! And we'll have some nice prizes too!

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